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Studio 2

Julia Griffiths Jones

Printmaker in Focus 6 July – 22 September 2024

Conversations with ObjectsScreenprint on enamel and paper

During the winter of 2021–22, Julia Griffiths Jones began a series of drawings inspired by the kitchen in Llanerchaeron, a Georgian National Trust property in Ceredigion. She has always found domestic spaces inspiring and in 2017 won the Gold Medal for Craft and Design at the National Eisteddfod of Wales for Room within a Room, a kitchen made in wire.

She recently had the opportunity to draw at Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam, and was fascinated by the large collection of objects in his kitchen and studio. She was also intrigued by another collection: ‘I was not expecting to see an even larger collection of objects – 71,000 to be exact – on display in Rokin metro station, which had been dug up from the river Amstel. They had been curated and arranged beautifully as you descend the escalators to the platform.’

For this exhibition she has drawn the shards and fragments from the haul of the Amstel river and printed them on to images of her favourite objects from Llanerchaeron and Amsterdam using both enamel and paper surfaces to create new patterns and meanings.  Instagram : juliagriffithsjones