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Gallery 3

Angus Suttie

14 April – 15 July 2018


‘I can’t think of any other clay artist who made such an impact in little more than a decade. By the time he died he had been included in major international shows and publications, and seventeen significant museum collections in the UK, Japan, Australia and Holland.’ Alison Britton

Angus Suttie’s allusive, energetic, hand-built ceramics were powerful contributors to the postmodern art of the 1980s. Although his work sometimes has an ironic and even playful edge, he was deeply thoughtful about its humanist intentions, and the references are present not just for play, but for critical, sometimes political provocation. Suttie could use the conventional form of the teapot, transform it through innovative, complex and entirely unexpected shapes, and reflect on deeper themes of death or sexual expression. He said that he wanted to make pots ‘that shock us, console us, that are life-affirming or that haunt us’. He was a visionary for ceramic art.

In association with Crafts Study Centre, UCA Farnham.

Publications Angus Suttie

A striking 32 page publication accompanies this exhibition. Produced in association with Crafts Study Centre, UCA Farnham, Angus Suttie captures the extraordinary vigour and energy of this celebrated artist.

32 pages, Softback
Full colour, 220x290mm
ISBN: 978-1-905865-93-2
Language: English
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