Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Courtyard Project Spaces A & B

Annie Morgan Suganami

On The Wall 11 May – 19 June 2022


A series of crafted fine art by north Wales artists
Series curation: Jonathan Le Vay


“Having had an exhibition cancelled due to the first covid lockdown in March 2020 and not knowing what that entailed regarding work, I decided to forget about deadlines for a while and just play in the studio.

This exhibition is the outcome of the past two years’ work, hence the title ‘2020–22’, a collection of figurative and still life from that period as well as a few of the portraits that I had painted for the ‘lost’ exhibition.

In my musical and artistic practice I explore their shared vocabulary; rhythm, texture, dynamics, colour and composition which enable improvisation. This vocabulary feeds my still-life work which is the outcome of improvising in the studio. My figurative work is based on real and imagined figures.

My paintings are often worked and re-worked, new paintings layered over old marks. Despite exploring non-figurative work, I am compelled to regularly return to paint characters emanating honesty, tenacity, resistance, resilience, kindness – personal icons of endurance in uncertain times.”

Works available to purchase