Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 1, 2 & 3


Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention 25 September 2021 – 9 January 2022

‘The exhibition Basketry: Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention is a visual slice across contemporary UK basket making. There are some 35 maker’s work spilling over all three galleries at Ruthin Craft Centre. The exhibition shows what is being made today – and by whom – across basketry’s beautiful variety of shapes, materials and weaves.’ Jane Audas, August 2021

Alongside the exhibition there will be a series of events including Dr Stephanie Bunn’s Forces in Translation project which looks at basketry, social anthropology and mathematics, and the group will be in residence at Ruthin for several days in October. There will also be an area in Gallery 2 focussing on several of the Heritage Crafts Association’s endangered and critically endangered baskets.

Curated by Gregory Parsons

Exhibitors: Lisa Atkin, Ewen Balfour, Rachel Bower, Hilary Burns, Mary Butcher, Mandy Coates, Mary Crabb, Colette Davies, Alison Dickens, Ecolistic Artworks: Tina Cunningham, Rosie Farey, Kevin Gauld, Josey Goodin, Charlie Groves, Dalila Hamiche, Tim Johnson, Geraldine Jones, Owen Jones, Annette Mills, Sue Morgan, Annemarie O’Sullivan, Sarah Paramor, Polly Pollock, Clare Revera, Pip Rice, Patrizia Sascour, Judy Simmonds, Lorna Singleton, Rachael South, Louise Tucker, Lois Walpole, Lucy Williams, John Williamson, Willow with Roots: Jenny Crisp & Isabelle Wilkes