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Studio 2

Eleri Jones

Printmaker in Focus 23 March – 30 June 2024

Eleri Jones’s recent prints and mixed media works are inspired by growing up on the family farm in Trofarth, near Llanrwst in the Conwy valley, and in particular the lambing season. She explains that these two months are the busiest and most exhausting, yet the happiest time of the year for her family when they all pull together. Life on the farm follows a yearly pattern with the changing seasons which Eleri’s father has noted in his diaries over the decades; his careful record keeping reveals small changes in the climate and farming which have happened over the years. The prints combine her father’s handwriting with images of the lambing shed and everyday farm life, often focusing on the relationships within the family and how they have evolved over time, from her parents’ close partnership working alongside their sons developing an effective pattern and rhythm to the sharing of knowledge with the grandchildren and the respect and care for the lambs and sheep. They also show the adventure and fun that can be part of farm life.

Eleri studied at Bangor and Cardiff where she specialised in printmaking. After travelling widely in the Far East and South America, she has returned to live in North Wales where she now works as an artist and art facilitator.