Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Courtyard Project Space A

Gill Jones – Photography

4 May – 30 June 2019

Making connections to our main gallery exhibitions this season, we invite you to also explore the stories that familiar or precious family domestic objects can contain (such as inherited embroidery threads). Whilst also taking time out; to pause and to look closer at the everyday world around us. Whether it be right ‘under our feet’ or there before us if we just look away from an ever present mobile device screen; or perhaps just viewed anew or indeed as Anglesey based artist Gill Jones does – slowly, in detail, through a camera lens:

In recent years I have challenged myself to convey personal stories using my camera. The over-arching theme of these tales express feelings of loss. The loss of youth and of dear friends. I’m able to search my feelings and divulge them through photography far more easily than finding the words. Sharing my work and talking about it has become a conclusive part of my experience. I find it enormously cathartic. The honesty I offer within my images enables others to consider and frequently communicate their own emotions to me.

I’m influenced by Sarah Moon and Francesca Woodman. They’ve helped me push off and wade into a project on many occasions. Beginning can be arduous but once I’m immersed I’m open to which ever path my project chooses to take.

Works will be shown from the following series/stories: Dancing, Accepting Grey, Sheila’s Threads, It was never David, The time between.