Ruthin Craft Centre
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Retail Gallery Exhibition

Jaejun Lee

16 September – 21 November 2020

Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist based in Cardiff. He moved to Wales from South Korea in 2018 and he is currently working in the UK with an ‘Exceptional Talent’ visa. He specialises in porcelain and makes both artistic vessels and functional wares. The simple form of his vessels makes people concentrate on outer shape and smooth surface. Jaejun studied at Seoul National University where he completed his BFA and MFA in Ceramics. Since graduating, Jaejun has exhibited extensively across Korea as well as exhibiting in the USA and Europe, gaining international acclaim for his work.

Jaejun relishes everyday objects and believes that each object we interact with should be a thing of beauty and detailed design. In a world of mass production he asks his audience to consider the makers motives for producing objects, to appreciate the care taken to create them and the value of handmade objects. He aims to communicate a message of functionality and beauty through his work. Jaejun hopes that through continued use the objects will enrich and enhance the user’s everyday life.

All works available to purchase