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Courtyard Project Spaces A & B

Jeremy Yates VPRCA

On The Wall 3 August – 11 September 2022


A series of crafted fine art by north Wales artists
Series curation: Jonathan Le Vay


I have been drawing and painting in North Wales for many years, and find myself returning to familiar subjects more and more – mountains, rivers, woodlands – using different approaches and on a different scale. My use of acrylic paint goes back to my student days in the 1960s, but never consistently on paper, board or canvas of this size. Recently I have had the opportunity to show work that reflects the extent or majesty of the landscape.

After our two or more years of restrictions – limits on travel and other freedoms – with the current ability to return to the outdoors to draw and paint the spaces and nature, I am coming back to these in reality and as subject matter. Nature had a short time to breathe and to recuperate, but now has to put up with human incursion once more, with its noise, fumes, plastic and waste pollution. These works are a reminder to myself, and anyone else who might stop and look for a moment, to take a little more care of what we are losing. I realize that even my use of plastic (acrylic) paint is part of this dilemma – in our thoughtlessness we are destroying our precious environment and everything we hold dearest and should strive to protect.