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Jessica Lloyd-Jones

8 – 30 September

Heat / Light / Colour – Experiments in Metal

Local artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones presents recent experiments in metal, showcasing ideas for new work combining heat, light and colour. Much of the works in the exhibition exploit the reactive nature of copper to form distinct patinas resulting from heat. Lustrous colours ranging through golds, browns, reds and blacks emerge to create surface colouration and pattern. In a number of pieces, the metal is cut into geometric shapes to create abstract layouts evoking explosions or fractures.

In a series of iridescent sculptural works, Jessica has additionally explored the process of annealing; pre-heating and softening the metal, before hand forming it until it hardens due to repetitive bending and folding. Creating each piece from a single flat copper sheet, she has a limited amount of time to form the material before it becomes rigid and set.

‘the works are a one chance process – I create the forms in a single attempt, bending the metal until it can no longer be manipulated. I enjoy the spontaneity that this process brings to the work and the unpredictability of what shape the copper will want to take due to subtle discrepancies in the metal’s softness after heating’.

The resulting works display intriguing crumpled and curled shapes, their undulating creases and folds showing off intense iridescent colours that appear to melt on the copper. Some pieces work to capture light and reflect it internally; enhancing their luminosity and optical delight.

Other 3-dimensional works in the exhibition show experiments with burnt edges in steel rolled into tubular forms. An additional collection of these works reveal vivid projections of colour when illuminated. The final work in the show is a sparkling dark space installation whereby light, projected into an entanglement of copper wire, animates and illuminates the form as if it were electrified.