Ruthin Craft Centre
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Gallery 2

John Grayson

2 February – 31 March 2019

Enamel I Substrate

John Grayson’s career in making spans some thirty years: his practice is rooted in a fascination for exploring the creative value of processes employed by defunct Midland metal working ‘toy’ trades and a passion for satirical story telling through object making.

Enamel | Substrate is the culmination of John’s practice-based PhD investigating the [lost] craftsmanship employed in the 18th century South Staffordshire enamel trade.

This exhibition encapsulates the research method, the journey of enquiry and its findings. It presents: examples of the method of analysis of museum objects – analytical drawing, photographs and video – that reveal hitherto unknown construction; samples from contemporary craft making – material experiments, sketch-books and John’s contemporary craftwork – that formed the method to both investigate, understand, and demonstrate the creative value of the 18th century craft processes.