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Gallery 3

Kate Haywood

2 February – 31 March 2019

The Language of Clay – Traces

Kate Haywood’s exquisite porcelain forms are at once assured and delicate. Made with keen attention to detail, each form is precise and elegant.

Kate has a passion for objects, sometimes hand-held objects, often objects from the past. She scours museum collections and researches archives to identify intriguing pieces and purposes. Kate’s recent work is inspired by children’s games, games from a time when they were more readily played in the street than they might be today.

Combining her ceramic sculptures with other materials adds layers of reference and appeal. Everyone will recognise different traces in her new body of work.

Publications Kate Haywood

The Language of Clay

This beautiful publication accompanies the final exhibition in the second series of solo exhibitions of work by practitioners who use and express clay in very different ways.

28 pages, Softback
Full colour, 148x210mm
ISBN: 978-1-905865-96-3
Language: English or Welsh
To order call: 01824 704774 or email: