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Courtyard Project Space B

Liz Ellis: Elemental Connections

October – January 2020

An exhibition in two parts but similarly connected:- Walking the Littoral & In the Company of Ravens – The Gathering.

Walking the Littoral  It is at the margins of our world that life is at its most dynamic – where fresh water meets salt and where land meets sea – many changes and transformations occur in this constantly evolving environment. This work is a celebration of the wonderful diversity of life and of the commonality and connectivity of all living things and especially it is a celebration of the planet that sustains us.

In The Company Of Ravens – The Gathering  During the winter in Newborough in Anglesey the Ravens gather to socialise and grow strong. They, like the other beachcombers, are foraging for food along the shoreline before flying off to continue their search in the adjoining countryside. This is in preparation for reinforcing relationships, or for finding a mate, before scattering far and wide to settle and breed – taking a little of Newborough with them as they go.

Liz has trained and qualified in both the arts and sciences and has practiced and taught professionally in both disciplines. She now works full time in her studio in Chester making sculpture, mainly in ceramic, wood and stone.