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29 September – 18 November 2018

Adi Toch, Andrew Lamb, Anna Lorenz, Catherine Martin, David Poston, Genevieve Howard, Jacky Puzey, Jane Adam, Janet Haigh, Jonathan Cleaver, Kate Haywood, Lynne Maclachlan, Michael Brennand-Wood, Rajesh Gogna, Romilly Saumarez Smith, Ruth Leslie, Susan Cross, Valeria Nascimento, Wanshu Li, Zoë Hillyard

Meetings at the Edge

‘Nexus’: a connection or a series of connections linking two or more things

This exhibition looks at some of the ways in which 21st -century artists and makers are changing preconceptions about their art forms.

Jewellery, silversmithing, textiles and ceramics all have long histories and deep-rooted traditions behind them. Today their familiar, often restricting, boundaries are being expanded by makers taking leaps of imagination and devising fresh approaches to the way they work. Several pieces in this exhibition are hybrids that are impossible to categorise.

The exhibitors in Nexus are linked by great technical skill, a capacity for free thinking and confidence in their ideas. However, each has found their own way of extending the boundaries of their art form.

Nexus celebrates the unexpected. None of the work in this exhibition may be quite what it seems…

Curated by Dr Elizabeth Goring.

NEXUS in partnership with Fife Contemporary.