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Studio 2

Nigel Morris

Printmaker in Focus 18 May – 13 June 2023

“I like my art to play with our visual senses, to challenge our experience of looking, to help the viewer question what they see in a piece of art.”

Nigel Morris’s prints and watercolours play with visual perception: from the organic, serpentine lines of the Entangled series which seem to loop and swerve over and under each other to the crisp, geometric lines of his constructed prints where the illusion of space becomes a reality as the prints are cut and constructed to form series of squares and pyramids. While lines are used to create illusion in some works, in others colour is utilised to create depth with bright colours seeming to jump out and softer, colder ones receding. Nigel’s work evolves from abstraction, symmetry and systems, but it also brims with suggestions of threads, plants and microscopic life.

Nigel Morris is the Print Coordinator at the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham where he teaches and experiments with different printing techniques from computer drawings to lino prints and etchings. He studied at Central Lancaster, Chester and Edinburgh and prior to that he travelled around the world as a decorative artist.

“Draw lines, many lines, from memory or from nature; it is in this way that you will become a good artist.” Jean Ingres