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Seán Vicary

October 2018

Animistic Topographies

Seán Vicary’s ongoing research project Animistic Topographies uses animation to explore ‘contemporary’ manifestations of Genii Loci.

He is investigating what forms these ‘Spirits of Place’ could take and how they might question our human­centric viewpoint.

His recent work, produced in association with the Literary Atlas project, is a response to Alan Garner’s cult novel The Owl Service.

Seán examines the novel’s idea of the upper Dyfi valley both as a charged ‘reservoir’ for unseen forces and also a driver for Garner’s (and consequentially his own) creative process; the immersion of oneself in a landscape/place providing a conduit and the act of creation a channeling of those forces.

Over the course of a year Seán has worked on location in Llanymawddwy filming, collecting and animating objects from the valley; including horsehair & lime plaster, handmade nails and a witch bottle. Together these create a ‘receiver’ for tuning into residual wavelengths and decoding any hauntological transmissions.

Seán is the recipient of 2017 Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales.