Ruthin Craft Centre
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Craft and Concept

Textiles Sunday 8 March 1.30pm – 4.15pm £3.00 please call to book a place

Craft and Concept – Roz Hawksley, Tabitha Moses and Alana Tyson consider their use of textiles within the conceptual art field; a panel discussion at Ruthin Craft Centre led by curator, artist and writer Melanie Miller.

How is conceptual art defined, what is its relationship to textiles? Why do we need definitions, how useful are they? When is a maker an artist? Rather than provide answers, the idea is to explore these themes through presentations by the panel, and discussions with the panel and with the audience.

Timed to coincide with the creation of an installation by Ruthin Artist-in Residence Alana Tyson, participants will have the opportunity to view Alana’s ambitious new work created as part of her residency.

image: Alana Tyson