Ruthin Craft Centre
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Michael Brennand-Wood 2 day workshop:

‘Grounds for Expression’ 25 & 26 March 10.30am – 4.30pm £130 includes light lunch

A unique opportunity to work with this internationally renowned textile artist.

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to create a single, or series of, smaller bespoke personal grounds (backgrounds) that have, within their construction, qualities that aid and stimulate creativity. Participants will experiment with a number of different approaches both technically and conceptually. Practically the workshop will consider various technical approaches as to how to structure, layer, distort, articulate and shape fabric in a largely non-traditional form. Fabrics and threads will be utilised alongside non-textile media, wood, metal, paint, resins and plastic.

Participants will be shown samples and experiment with riveting, moulding, wiring and other methods of construction. Additional context will focus on the use and referencing of grounds within the arts and natural worlds as potential sites for inspiration.

Suitable for intermediate / advanced level.