Ruthin Craft Centre
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The Colour of Craft

Afternoon Talk 5 March 1.30pm – 4.00pm £5 please call to book a place

Join us for this special event! We’ve invited three Craft Practitioners to share their passion, understanding and skill of using colour within their work.

Guest speakers: Ptolemy Mann: Textile designer and colour consultant. Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill: Metalsmith and lecturer. Louisa Taylor: Ceramicist.

Colour plays an influential role within craft, art and everything else around us. Imagine a world without colour. Strange. Grey maybe? but hey that is also a colour. Moreover, imagine a world without the words we use to describe colour. Imagine what our language would lose without those subtle nuances of hue and shade, of light and dark. Colour is pivotal to our way of looking at the world; finding words to describe the nuance of colour is a challenge to every poet and writer. Invention has always been key; look at Wordsworth’s ‘host of golden daffodils’ we know they’re not pale narcissi, they are rich ‘golden’ exuberant. And it is not just poets, look at the words copywriters use to market and sell us colour. Paint specialists Farrow and Ball actually register and copyright some of their words for colour, think of ‘Mouse’s Back’ and going back to yellows ‘Pale Hound’.