Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 2


6 December 2014 – 25 January 2015

John Grayson / Richard Hackney / Andy Hazell
Fi Henshall / Keith Newstead / Clare Pattinson / Robert Race
Lisa Slater / Matt Smith / Timberkits / Melanie Tomlinson

Automaton; a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being.

Automata are a source of intrigue and delight. They have been about for millennia; examples are sighted in Greek mythology, some intended as tools, toys, religious idols, or prototypes for demonstrating basic scientific principles. They delight children, and adults too are fascinated and engaged by these interactive objects; we all love to push a button or turn a handle and see something happen in front of our eyes. This exhibition shows a group of automata from eleven British makers, who have developed their own ways of making things move. Some, perhaps, take us back to the slot machines on piers in our childhood, where a figure would burst into action leaving us wide eyed with amazement!

Curated by Gregory Parsons.