Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Studio 6

David Frith, Margaret Frith

Ceramic Portal Series 8 July –


A series of craft work in focus from Welsh ceramic makers
Series curation: Wendy Lawrence


David and Margaret have been making beautiful ceramic together for over fifty five years: two of the few ceramic artists who have spent their lives earning a living from making pots. Hard work and commitment underlie this unique partnership. Their work is firmly located in the contemporary but express the legacy of diverse traditions. Having mastered the thrown form and firing of seductive reduction glazes they developed wax resist to facilitate the layering of glazes with painted motif and slip trailing to give depth and resonance to the apparently effortless surface decoration. Their work is complimentary in tone, form and appropriateness for the domestic space, these two ceramic artists work in different dimensions. Margaret produces delicate forms with painted or carved motifs in porcelain and David works on a larger scale in high fired stone ware.

Works are available to purchase