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Effie Burns

Earthly Treasures 13 January 2024 – 17 March 2024

Effie Burns is an artist who works in cast glass from her home-based studio in the beautiful, North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby.

This 4 Nations project led by Ruthin Craft Centre and National Glass Centre Sunderland is the second stage in an exploration of the relationship between glass and body adornment. The first stage created opportunities for jewellers to explore the potential of glass and resulted in an exhibition titled Wearable Glass shown at NGC and RCC in 2015/16. This exhibition has enabled an artist specialising in glass to explore the potential of jewellery. It has allowed Effie Burns to develop this new body of work and will no doubt influence the long term development of her practice, celebrating the potential of glass, our ability to relate to its jewel like qualities and the joy of the small scale object.

In undertaking this project to develop a new body of wearable glass artworks Effie spent time working in Caithness in Scotland, Sunderland in England and Ruthin in Wales. In Scotland Effie became inspired by the standing stones in Caithness. Positioned around 4000 years ago it is thought that the stones brought together the three realms of land sea and sky.