Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Studio 2

Floral Deconstruction Residency

12 – 25 June

Multi media artist Ticky Lowe has been deconstructing and examining native wildflowers using a USB microscope before replicating each individual part of the flower in detail in 3D on a much larger scale.

The collection currently consists of six wildflowers made during their flowering season from the first Snowdrops of February to Bluebells in May.

Ticky continues to expand the collection by making a new flower each year during its flowering season.

This year Ticky is working on “Foxglove” and will be turning Studio 2 at Ruthin Craft Centre into a “Creative Laboratory” where visitors will be able to examine foxglove flowers close up with a digital microscope, explore the collection so far, watch Ticky and assistants at work recreating the complex flower parts and take part in some drop in workshops exploring plant science and flower making.

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