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Jane Perryman

From Light to Dark From Dark to Light 9 April – 10 July 2022

An internationally recognised ceramic artist, writer, photographer, and filmmaker; a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association, Jane Perryman is well known for her books Smoke Fired Pottery, Traditional Pottery of India, and Naked Clay: Ceramics Without Glaze. Almost a decade ago her way of working fundamentally changed with the project that embraced a vast spectrum of her interests titled Containing Time.

Jane Perryman’s ceramic journey continues through the investigation of changing light / dark and twilight ratios. It documents a year’s passage from solstice to solstice to solstice, as the shadows lengthen to midsummer and shorten back to midwinter. With From Light to Dark From Dark to Light, she is taking us through the universal passing of time, epitomised by this collection of vessels, sound and much more. In many ways it follows on from Jane’s groundbreaking international touring exhibition Containing Time.

For this new exhibition Sebastian Blackie writes “For the last year Perryman’s ceramics have been inspired by a similar visceral sense of celestial movement. She has used the changing astronomical timings taken from a year… …civil twilight (dawn), sunrise, solar noon, sunset, and civil twilight (dusk)… …It seems more a pilgrimage than a study involving rising before first light as well as being there to witness the remains of the day…” As we can all experience From Light to Dark From Dark to Light is life affirming and joyful: Jane Perryman has created a multi-sensory delight to be enjoyed on every level.