Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Studio 6

Jo Clarke & Wayne Clarke

Ceramic Portal Series 24 July – 23 September 2021


A new series of craft work in focus from Welsh ceramic makers
Series curation: Wendy Lawrence


Jo Clarke

My recent ceramic work is the result of a transition from a background in printmaking using clay as a three dimensional canvas on which to apply the same themes and design concepts that influenced my Lino cuts, buildings, places and landscape.

My work is generally hand built and slip decorated with colourful painted and scratched designs, with oxides applied to accentuate the texture and line.

The items I produce range from functional ware to tall sculptural vessels and curved freestanding pictures, linking a two dimensional element to the three dimensional forms.


Wayne Clarke

A graduate of the prestigious ceramic BA at Harrow, Prestatyn based Wayne Clark makes large sculptural pieces and smaller functional wares, generally from a stoneware body with additives of Ruabon red clay and coarse sand, he uses various ash and shino glazes, as well as vitreous slips to create fascinating surface effects.

Wayne’s large sculptural pieces, particularly his vase and bottle forms, allow the opportunity to make quite radical and exuberant marks. with the intention of them catching ash from the fire. This will then at sustained temperatures turn to glaze, these poolings of glaze creates both dramatic and subtle areas of great beauty as they run over the work.

There is a powerful energy in Wayne Clark’s ceramics, however while visceral and immediate in their allure, contemplation allows one to enjoy their subtle delights. They are pots to live with: to use or reflect upon.

All works available to purchase