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Gallery 2 & 3

Julia Griffiths Jones

16 July – 25 September 2016

Room within a Room

A short film by Hugh Griffiths about the ‘Room within a Room’ narrated by Julia Griffiths Jones.
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“Being Welsh, but inspired by Folk Art from Eastern Europe has meant that my life and artistic practice has been entwined across many countries. Room within a Room is a culmination of my favourite drawings from many journeys and contains – amongst other things – a blouse and cap from Slovakia, a red striped bed-gown and a three-legged table from Wales, a chair from the wine museum in Bratislava.”

In 2014 Julia was awarded a Creative Wales Ambassador Award to revisit Eastern Europe and spend some time at Ruthin Craft Centre developing her ideas for A Room Within A Room, the exhibitions showing here are the result of those artistic journeys.