Ruthin Craft Centre
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Studio 3


26 September 2015 – 3 January 2016

Following the success of last year’s exhibition Delight in the Everyday Design Commission for Wales is pleased to return to Ruthin Craft Centre with their new exhibition called Landmarks.

With its magnificent mountains, verdant valleys and characterful coastline, Wales is renowned for the beauty of its natural landscape. Yet, over centuries, it has been transformed by the designs of mankind. Farming, industry, transport, energy, wars, religion and tourism have all left their marks on the Welsh landscape in the form of field boundaries, deforestation, roads, canals, quarries, mines, power stations, factories, monuments, pylons, wind turbines and the like.

For this exhibition, Design Commission for Wales has selected and curated the work of several designers in order to dig deeper into the relationship between natural resources and human intervention, informing and inspiring a future for design in our landscape.

For more information about the exhibition or Design Commission for Wales please visit

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