Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 2

Laura Ellen Bacon

2 August – 21 September 2014

Laura Ellen Bacon, Inundation.

An immersive, abstract installation in willow, especially devised for Ruthin Craft Centre.

Stand in the midst of a huge, flowing mass of swelling forms, ripples and surges. Smell the enduring scent of the natural material; watch the shadows describe new waves upon the walls. Material pours in, to the point where the space is full, responding both to the existing architecture and to the flow of visitors.

Using the precise language of a highly particular making skill to engulf the gallery, Laura Ellen Bacon manipulates and ties thousands of rods of willow, their inherent tension tethered by knotting, their potential for spring and movement still apparent. Mass is created by multiple human-scale gestures, a new architectural structure in a natural material.

Curated by Sara Roberts