Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Studio 6

Margaret Brampton

Ceramic Portal Series 22 November 2022 – 17 January 2023


A series of craft work in focus from Welsh ceramic makers
Series curation: Wendy Lawrence


‘I make traditional wheel thrown slipware’.

‘I first encountered pottery when I was eleven years old when my parents took me to Ewenny Pottery. Seeing the basic material ‘earth’ being manipulated on the wheel and then being transformed into pots was like alchemy. The potter, seeing I was spell bound asked me if I would like a go. Being shy I declined but really regretted it.The opportunity presented its self again when I went to Cardiff College of Education and pottery was one of the options. I knew it was for me and went on to gain a B.Ed in ceramics.

My first studio was in Chapter Arts Centre after which I taught in a variety of settings. About twenty years ago I became interested in slipware and switched from stoneware to earhenware. I am absorbed by the capacity to use the pots surface to draw on. I decorate my work with themes drawn from medieval manuscripts and flora and fauna. I am influenced by the continental and North Devon slipwares. A major design element on most of my work is the use of script. The decoration is produced with sgraffito techniques and is coloured using oxides and underglaze colours’.

Works are available to purchase