Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 3

Paul Wearing: flux & poise

28 May – 26 June 2021

Paul’s making is on the move, through landscapes, time, emotional and physical states. His work leans, lifts, erupts and melts. It is evocative and sensual, in its making and its viewing. Paul’s experiences inform the physicality of his work and our own predilections will further shape what we experience from it. Paul’s making is motivated by how he feels being in the landscape, being part of his surroundings. Whilst his surroundings will have a particular look at a particular moment; be it stormy or calm, bright or brooding, it is his sense of being within that environment that is fundamental to Paul’s creative process.

This particular body of work, flux & poise, charts a journey through a year of exploration. It reveals something of the process of spending time observing and walking the Ceredigion coast. Activity that had a dramatic effect on Paul’s spirit, energising him physically and creatively. This vital experience will continue to filter through Paul’s drawing and sculpture into the future. For now, the evolution from wide, elliptical, painterly surfaces to tilting, dark and encrusted forms is a vivid development. Paul’s vessels have long been elevated, a definitive trait that gives his work a sense of rising or being lifted. Add to this the shifting angles of his most recent works, particularly those that lean in pairs, and the energy of his vessels is on the move.

Photography: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd