Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 2

Philip Eglin

9 – 31 January 2016

Slipping the Trail

Responding to the Buckley Slipware in the Aberystwyth Collection.

This touring exhibition is a collaboration between the ceramic collection at Aberystwyth and Philip Eglin, one of the major ceramicists in the UK. Over the course of the project Eglin visited the collection and made drawings and photographs of key pieces. Eglin has always been a borrower responding to things he loves in the world around him. Great paintings, old pots, children’s drawings or plastic bottles – all become sources of inspiration and flash points to set the artist’s eye on a new trajectory. He enjoys working with museum collections and, in Aberystwyth, he quickly identified the collection of nineteenth century slipware, much of it from Buckley in North Wales, as a potential for a new body of work. “I want to acknowledge the tradition of slipware whilst at the same time attempt to revitalise and reinvigorate it for the present”. It is especially appropriate that the exhibition visits Ruthin Craft Centre situated just thirteen miles away.

A collaboration between the Ceramic Collection at Aberystwyth and Philip Eglin, who has taken Buckley-ware as an inspiration to produce new work.

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