Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts


Gallery 3

Richard La Trobe-Bateman

30 September – 19 November 2017


The Footbridge as a creative act.

Over the past thirty years Richard has built about thirty footbridges: both public and private commissions from 4 to 30 meters, in timber and steel. The designs use the minimum amount of (commonly available) material and increasingly, employ simple, manual techniques for installation without heavy lifting equipment. The designs employ exposed, triangulated, linear geometries that, as a by-product of their structural efficiency, produce striking objects in the environment.

‘The ‘craft’ I am operating that you see here is the ability to rehearse ideas fast and three-dimensionally, in contrast to traditional 2D drawing. These models were used to develop the design, not generally for exhibition purposes.

This is art as a by-product of design’.