Ruthin Craft Centre
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Studio 6

Robyn Cove

Ceramic Portal Series 25 September – 14 November 2021


A new series of craft work in focus from Welsh ceramic makers
Series curation: Wendy Lawrence


Robyn Cove gained her BA(hons) in Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008. She has been making ceramics ever since, displaying her work in exhibitions, galleries, ceramic shows and retail locations throughout the UK and internationally. During this time has lived in South West Scotland, the Isle of Skye, Yorkshire, and is now based back in Cardiff. Her pottery captures a rustic warmth with full forms and contemporary surface designs.

“My wheel thrown pottery is made with usability in mind. These pots are made from a blend of stoneware clay and decorated with free, often quickly applied brushwork. The shapes are carefully thought out so that they fit well in the hands and hopefully can become an extension of the user’s own body. They can often seem very traditional in ways.

I also make larger hand built pots that are strongly inspired by Korean forms and both Chinese and a British decoration. Most of these pieces are made so they could function as vases, although they also sit well unadorned. I build these with the coil and pinch method then I thin the walls out with a paddle. I like the slowness of this process and the resulting pots have great character, they are imperfect, they have marks and scores from my hands and the tools I’ve used.

My work takes inspiration from many sources; most apparent are Japanese, Korean and British studio pottery, the most direct influence is from my own use of handmade pottery at home which include Hamada, Leach and Cardew pieces alongside current makers pots in both slipped earthenware and stoneware.”

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