Ruthin Craft Centre
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Studio 2

The Print Studio

15 October 2022 – 19 February 2023

This exhibition of wide ranging print techniques has been extended to co-inside with our first introductory print session.
The making of prints involves various crafting techniques, as wood, lino or metal is carved, etched, cut or painted, before ink is transferred from one surface to another to make multiple images. This exhibition looks at the ways in which artists have used a range of printmaking processes from centuries-old methods to digital technologies to produce very different images.

This is the first in a series of print exhibitions at Ruthin which will take a closer look at the connection between craft and printmaking. The exhibition presents both established artists such as David Nash, Laura Ford, Clare Woods and Sue Williams as well as emerging artists from or connected to Wales, including Molly Rooke, Melissa Rodrigues and Coral Williams.

Curated by Ann Jones.

More prints can be found in the retail area. Emma Aldridge, Paul Coldwell, Emily Cook, Angela Davies and Mark Eaglen, Rose Davies, Tara Dean, Antonia Dewhurst, Alex Duncan, Hannah Firmin, Laura Ford, Charlotte Hodes, Des Hughes, Steffan Jones-Hughes, Sarah Garvey, Tom Goddard, Catrin Grosse, Flora McLachlan, Nigel Morris, Rhi Moxon, David Nash, Jeanette Orrell, Jamie Reid, Melissa Rodrigues, Molly Rooke, Léa Sautin, Coral Williams, Emrys Williams, Sue Williams, Craig Wood, Craig Wood and Peter Finnemore, Clare Woods.