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What is Craft? Function

From September

This autumn we are launching our fourth and last season Function.

As part of our Function season we will be exploring the origins of some everyday objects, focusing on how the different purposes for which they have been used has influenced design and materials.

Most crafts have evolved from a utilitarian need to create a functional object – something that ‘does the job.’ Personal touches and artistic decoration came later but function dictated how the object would be made, what form it would take and what materials it would be made from.Take for example a teapot: it must have a spout for pouring efficiently and a heat-proof handle for holding. It should be big enough to contain sufficient liquid, but not too heavy to lift safely and, of course, should be water-tight! Without fulfilling these criteria, the pot is useless, no matter how beautifully crafted it is as an object.

The ‘Function’ resource pack is available to download FREE here.

Download the ‘Process’ resource pack here.
Download the ‘Decoration’ resource pack here.
Download the ‘Materials’ resource pack here.

This Season and project have been funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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Publications What is Craft? Function

Resource pack

The What is Craft? Function Resource pack full of tasks and information is available to buy from Ruthin Craft Centre.

32 pages, full colour, 210x297mm
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Language: English or Welsh
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