Ruthin Craft Centre
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Studio 3

What is design?

March – May 2015

To coincide with the exhibition Southern Lines and Northern Lights in Gallery 2, Ruthin Craft Centre in collaboration with young people across Denbighshire and also in Swansea via the Mission Gallery’s Raising The Bar programme have been investigating and exploring the notion of What is Design? During the project the young people worked alongside leading designers from different fields to research and discover what makes a good design, through the exploration of materials, process and techniques.

The 5 groups involved in the project were:
Year 10 Art and Design students from Ysgol Glan 
Clwyd and Ruthin Craft Centre Raising the Bar group. 
Workshop led by lighting designer Hannah Wardle. 
Both Groups have been looking at light, structure and transparency within design and the ecological principles of Hannah Wardle’s materials and processes.

Mission Gallery Raising The Bar group. 
Workshop 1: Led by Anna Lewis / Lloyd James. 
‘Re-inventing the Chandelier – how could it be re-interpreted?’ 
The students applied design skills to prepare drawings for scanning using Adobe Illustrator to refine their designs for the laser cutter. 
They then worked in pairs and combined their designs in a wire structure on which to hang the laser cut pieces.

Workshop 2: Led by Louise Tucker / Kath Clewett. 
Louise encouraged students to experiment with materials to create patterns. By repeating their experimental technique of folding, 
cutting materials several times a pattern began to reveal itself, 
the designs could then be used for further development to make 
a surface pattern decoration, photography or a maquette for larger scale architectural work. Kath’s Master class was a more engineering based challenge; students had to build a tower as competitively 
high as they could. These were made using various construction methods and materials.

Year 10 Art and Design students from Ysgol Brynhyfryd. 
Workshop led by textile designer Karen Lewis. 
Looking at examples of the work by Sian Doherty, Sian Elin in the Southern Lines and Northern Lights exhibition the group discussed 
the importance of colour, shapes and repeat / random patterns within textile design. They then developed and designed their own pattern designs and learned how to screen print onto various fabric items.

Advanced WBQ ‘AS’ level students from Ysgol Brynhyfryd. Workshop led by artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones. 
The session began with an insight to the ideas and making processes behind Jessica Lloyd-Jones work and her general interest in the crossover between art and science. The group then experimented with Jessica’s ideas and technical skills using glass, water and light 
to create their own neon light installation.