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Adult Master-classes: Beautifully imperfect

Boro Textiles with Zoë Hillyard 1-day Master-class 10 November 10.30am – 4.30pm £55 light lunch included. Please call to book a place

A workshop for those who love well-worn surfaces and objects with a history.

Inspired by the traditions of Boro textiles in Northern Japan you will explore creating seductive and unique surfaces by reworking materials that hold personal meaning and memories to you.

You might choose to beautifully ‘patch’ a section of a possession that has become flawed, or just combine a range of sentimental materials to make a surface that is rich with history and memories that could be framed. You may want your piece to be flat, or make it take on a form – which we can explore!

The workshop will also be an opportunity to share the stories and associations linked to the materials and objects you have brought on the day.