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Portfolio – block 2: John Grayson

Enamel Automata Workshop – FOR 14–18 YEAR OLDS 5 & 6 August 11.00am – 4.00pm You can pick and choose between 3 blocks; each 2-day block is £20 or attend all 3 blocks (6 workshops) for £50.

This summer’s art school workshop focuses on exploring simultaneously illusionary and real movement, through the creation of a small enamel automaton. You will be shown how to make mechanisms to create movement within a sculpture and a range of expressive gestural mark making techniques in enamel.  

Day 1 will focus on the design of a simple automaton, the making of a copper base to hold the mechanism and the embellishment of the copper with enamel, exploring different techniques to create abstract dynamic patterns. 

Day 2 will concern creating the mechanism and assembling the enamel and mechanical parts to complete the automaton.

For details on how to book your place call 01824 704774.