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Portfolio – block 3: Miranda Meilleur

3 dimensional sculpture – FOR 14–18 YEAR OLDS 20 & 21 August 11.00am – 4.00pm Each 2-day block is £20 or attend all 3 blocks (6 workshops) for £50

Miranda Meilleur is a silversmith, designer and artist working with precious and non precious metals, primarily copper and silver. She designs and makes small scale sculptural pieces, spoons, bowls and vessels both functional and non-functional. Miranda incorporates detail into her work through the use of acid etching techniques, where the acid eats in to the metal to create an image.

The workshop – During the workshop we will be exploring techniques and processes to create three-dimensional forms using a variety of materials such as paper and plastic. We will create small and large scale sculptural and functional objects inspired by the exhibitions at the gallery and organic forms.

For details on how to book your place call 01824 704774.