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Linda Caswell & Carol Bartlett

Studio 5, 4 – 13 September 2015

Drop-in events every Saturday throughout
September with our Helfa Gelf artists.

Linda Caswell is a potter working mainly in porcelain. Her agateware uses colour in the clay to produce patterned sheets from which she makes her pots. It is an unforgiving medium, but brings great rewards. She will be basing her new work on the colours, shapes, textures and architecture of the surroundings at the Craft Centre.

Carol Bartlett is a weaver. She will be concentrating on tapestry weaving using a variety of yarns. Fine worsted-spun wool yarn and stranded cotton are her favourites; but linen, silk, paper yarn, and raffia are sometimes appropriate. Her source for the piece she is weaving is based on the colours and shapes of Ruthin Craft Centre courtyard.

During the period of the residency Carol and Linda will be working on a joint project taking the same sources of inspiration and seeing how they interpret them in their own materials. They will be making their own work on Fridays and Sundays and offering drop-in sessions on Saturdays. They also intend working in Studio 5 during the intervening week. You are welcome to come and see what they are doing, and chat with them.

Drop-in sessions:
Saturday 5 &
Saturday 12 September
12.00pm – 4.00pm
Come and see what you can make with the clay provided by Linda and Carol will be happy to show you how to weave tapestry and give you a chance to have a go.

For more information please call +44 (0)1824 704774 or email: