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Tara Dean

Summer 2016


Studio 4

Tara Dean’s work evolves around experimental screen printing; investigating the process as a way of creating backgrounds for illustrations.

Drawing also plays an essential part of Tara’s practice. These are all gathered in her sketchbooks. The sketchbook is a tool for collecting ideas and initial observational drawings which are the root to her final pieces. The combination of lines within the found objects start to formulate shapes that collectively merge into finished pieces; often influenced by her surrounding world. Printing with stencils presents the opportunity to produce layers of textured colour.

After working in a ceramic manufacturing company for many years, whilst developing her own work and projects, Tara has become very interested in ‘surfaces’ in materials such as clay, wood and recycled objects. This has led to new findings and new approaches of working. Whilst in residency at the Ruthin Craft Centre this Spring / Summer Tara wants to explore these ideas further within her practice and create a collection of work in response to these well-known craft materials.

Tara has led and been involved with many different projects at Ruthin Craft Centre and within her local community. Throughout her residency Tara will work with visitors – offering a series of open day workshops during May half-term.

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