Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts

Studio 5

Our Landscape

Open daily, 10am – 5pm

Our Landscape designed by David Setter

Our activity space is a self-led area for children and their families to explore their inner creativity.

The new installation, produced by local illustrator David Setter, provides an environment in which we can explore the past, present and future of our beautiful surroundings.

It also binds together the relationship between Ruthin Craft Centre building design and the Clwydian Range.

The timeline illustrates the ecological changes throughout millennia. Just imagine if woolly Mammoths still roamed about on our doorstep! What would it be like if we had a huge sheet of ice or a tropical ocean still covering our landscape? What kind of animals might we encounter?

Come and explore the present day and learn about the wildlife and fauna (plants) that inhabit our landscape.

What kind of things can we do to look after our environment to ensure they are still around in the future?

Our activity space is a FREE self-led area for children to explore their inner creativity, be curious and MAKE!